16 July 2021

Environment Month 2021

As a company affiliated to Toyota Motor Corporation, CMWI took part in Environment Month activities in June 2021 yesterday.

Toyota has a long-term vision to achieve Zero CO2 by 2050.

For the above purposes, this year Mr. Masashi Miyamoto as Director/Executive Vice President delivered an Environmental message to CMW Group. In the message he said that "Environment" as well as Safety & Quality is the main prerequisite for the sustainability of the company's business. Environment / Environment has become an important part, not only in Japan but also in all parts of the world and become the basis of business activities.
And we as CMW Group (Wheel Manufacture & LPG Cylinder and Tire Assembly) need to make Business Activities or Monozukuri that are in harmony with the environment to maintain this valuable Global Environment.

TOYOTA's request to us and our suppliers is to develop an Environmental Management System, encourage environmental conservation activities, minimize environmental risks and continuously improve environmental performance.

Pasuruan - PT. CMWI employees cleaning up the waste (Gomi Hiroi).

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak since last year around the world, our Environment has undergone a major change. Seeing this change as an opportunity, please keep trying to reduce fuel consumption by utilizing the Web Conference and also Saving Energy by paying attention to "Frequently Switch Off" (red: often turning off energy sources that are not used), which was proclaimed as our Yarikiri Activity (activities to be finished).
As a final conclusion he asked all employees to use the Environment Month as an opportunity to raise awareness and strengthen environmental management. (dm)