CMWI realizes that maintaining the world's environment is one of the most important things, so in order to contribute to a prosperous 21st century society in the scope of activities related to the production of aluminum wheel rims for motorized vehicles, we declare the progress of an environmentally friendly company.

  1. Encouraging the implementation of continuous improvement, formulating and establishing an independent repair plan, and seriously preventing pollution that may occur.
  2. Cooperating with CMW or other related companies to achieve environmental preservation.
  3. Complying with laws and regulations and other environmental requirements to build cooperation and joint countermeasures for wider environmental care.
  4. Setting environmental goals and targets in accordance with the progress of environmental improvement.
  5. Committing to support the implementation of the company's Environmental Policy as mentioned below:

    - Reducing CO2 to prevent the earth temperature rise
    - Reduction of industrial waste
    - Zero Complaint
    - 5S activities in the work environment

This environmental policy must be understood by all employees, with the cooperation and understanding and support of leaders for environmental stewardship, and made available to interested parties.

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