CMWI is part of a global organization CMW (Chuo Seiki). And our holding company, is also part of the global organization TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION.

SSince this company was founded in April 2001, PT Central Motor Wheel Indonesia (CMWI) has been designated as an export-oriented company and is located in a bonded zone area with number SKEP 1147/WBC.11/2019.

Urged by the expansion needs and competitive atmosphere in the wheel industry, we continue to grow and provide customers with the best quality products. Therefore, we uphold the product quality standards and create sustainable value through a team with high performance and on time delivery.



  1. Prioritizing customers, manufacturing and selling high quality Aluminum Wheel products which able to take the first place in Aluminum Wheel industry.

  2. High productivity with innovative technology and able to compete at competitive prices for the benefit of the company.

  3. With stable company growth, it will be able to guarantee the stability of working in the company and able to provide benefits for regional development.


  1. Work with full concentration, fast, and always ready to face any danger.

  2. Able to predict situation to be able to face challenges in every difficulty.

  3. Always work in Team Work and mutual respect.

  4. Manufacturing based on "SAFETY FIRST".


"The structures of 3 elements of Mission, Code of Ethics and Problem Solving, a standard criterion in achieving long-term vision and daily work activities embodied in Our Company Circle"



For more than a decade we have always strived to be a company which is able to take the first place in aluminum alloy wheel industry. Along this journey, we have collected many stories that we are proud to share.

  • Groundbreaking
  • Building Construction
  • First Production Infrastructure
  • Total Employees are 300 people
  • 1 million pcs Export Achievement
  • ISO 14001 Certification
  • 463 employees
  • 5 million pcs Export Achievement
  • Total Employees are 643
  • 10 million pcs Export Achievement
  • ISO/TS 16949 Certification
  • SNI Certification
  • 686 employees
  • First Shipment to Nissan
  • 935 employees
  • 25 million pcs Export Achievement
  • 1027 employees
  • Contribute to 1 billion pcs Achievement of CMW Group
  • Host the CMW Global Meeting
  • First shipment to Mitsubishi
  • 1050 employees
  • ISO14001:2015 Environmental Recertification
  • 1080 employees


CMWI realizes that in order to continue to grow, realize the company's vision and always be a competitive company, a consistent application of Good Corporate Governance is required.

We believe that achievements and corporate image are not only measured by financial numbers and ratios, market share and product quality, but also from leadership integrity and ethical behavior models. For this purpose, a company regulation called the "Code of Conduct" was made.
PT Central Motor Wheel Indonesia.

Management and all employees are committed to always living and practicing the basic corporate values written in the "Code of Conduct" to maintain a good image and provide the best for the progress of the company.